Friday, April 30, 2010


There are no good arcades anymore. My formative years were spent slamming soda and jump-kicking Abobo to the face. Countless hours and quarters dropped in dark rooms filled with lazer sounds, pizza sweat, and hardcore nerds with their damp faces illuminated only by the flashing screen of Golden Axe. Even when I could play Paperboy at home on my NES I still bugged my mom to drop me off at The Underground to get into some future shit like Neo-Geo. Those days are gone. Yet there are always the memories. Memories I can lay down at night and wax my nerd boner to now with the help of THESE INCREDIBLE FUCKING MINIATURE ARCADE GAMES!

Some serious dork named Justin Whitlock spends countless hours neglecting his family to bring to the world these amazing little reproductions. Best part is they are super fucking cheap to buy.

Check out his Flickr page and his Facebook for more info.

My first two purchases are already being put to good use.

Here's General Akbar rockin' dual guns to help save our future.

Look carefully and you'll see G.I. Joseph playing Gauntlet in the manger while his shitty wife tells the neighbors about some kid she had with another dude.

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