Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hey white people, ever wish you could dress up like your fav ethnic stereotype but thought to yourself, "Golly, how am I going to pull that off?", well keep reading! Spirit Halloween Superstore makes it easy to embrace your latent racism with super-cool costumes for your Halloween party this year! Just follow the signs to your fav race's costume section!

You can be a tequila drunk Mexican bandito sure to impress all the bueno senoritas-

Or travel to the exotic Far East and sport the Asian costume and get a happy ending with all the hot Asian babes-

But if being another race just isn't your thing you can always just stuff your fat white ass into a Spiderman costume. At least you'll have a clever excuse for why you got white stuff on some girls sexy nurse outfit on the dance floor-

But you'd better hurry because these fly-by-night Halloween superstores get pretty fucked over a few days before Halloween weekend and the carny staff could give a shit really.

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