Monday, October 11, 2010


Located in the magical part of the east bay known as Emeryville is a burgeoning skate spot which is simply known as "The Spot". This is a renegade skatepark that is completely funded and built by local skaters. This ain't the Berkeley park, and this ain't Alameda. This is a course that is designed for strictly street skating. This is doing work and the locals will let you know in a hot second.
There seems to be an unwritten code of ethics at The Spot. There is no graffiti allowed, there is no trash, there are no little kids on scooters or even a bmx in site. From time to time you will see a random skater emerge from the train tracks just to do a walk through and police the area. Bottom line is, if you don't act correct, you will get bounced faster than Wesley Snipes at a Klu Klux Klan rally. It's almost like Barter Town in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (minus Tina Turner in that leg baring fashion masterpiece). What it seems to be turning into is a self sufficient entity that grows more and more obstacles as the weeks progress.

I can't say that I'm at liberty to even say exactly where The Spot is. If you are down, you'll find out yourself. All I know is, if you are there and you see some dudes pull up with a truck full of cement, grab a bag or two and flip them a couple bucks. These guys have worked pretty hard towards there masterpiece and it's only the second act.


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