Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So you've entered a martial arts tournament that's to the death. You're going to spend weeks training in a South Asian jungle doing the splits, kicking trees, and having some little Asian dude drop coconuts on your balls. Running up stairs, falling down, doubting yourself, painting some Japanese guy's fence for free. But in the end you know it'll be worth it. All that hard work and sacrifice will pay off in your quest to be the best of the best of the very best. You do it for glory, justice, and a shot at Asian dudes hot daughter or that slutty journalist who keeps sniffing around the kumite. It's gonna take all you got, there's no easy way out, but in the end nothings gonna get you down because you've got the touch and your fight to end will always depend on the strength that you have inside you.

While you train you'll no doubt have your Sony Sports Walkman with you. Record this sweet mix (it's pretty fucking awesome) by Hypetrack via Illogical Contraption via Micah from the Archer's Guild onto a cassette for great success!

Blood Bros - First Blood by Hypetrak

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