Friday, October 15, 2010


Tipper was old school when it came to marriage. So when Al said he wanted to try a little something different in the bedroom she knew that the Bible was cool with letting your husband degrade you in anyway as long as it was in wed-lock. So she put her trepidations aside and let Al put a black sack over her head. Soon Al's akward groping began and she heard a voice through the thick fibers of the potato sack, she heard Ian Gillam's (from Deep Purple) voice singing. She immediately figured it was Al relive his dream of being a super-cool hot-rod racer to his favorite Deep Purple song, Highway Star, which she was ok with but no, this was somehow different, something just wasn't right. She threw the sack off of her head, looked over at the television, and to her horror she saw what Al was imitating. It was Black Sabbath's single Trashed from their ill-fated album Born Again with Ian Gillam as the new frontman. Most people would have been upset that after Dio left to start his own band Tony Iommi thought it was cool to keep things going but Tipper was upset for another reason. The song and video were full of substance abuse, zombie violence, and sexual escapades. Some of which Al was trying to role-play. Suffice to say, Al slept on the couch that night and Tipper wrote in her diary about yet another band that she would put on the mixtape she would present to the courts.

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