Sunday, July 11, 2010


On a righteous quest for endless salad and breadsticks, our friend Marwan discovers that what he thought was an Olive Garden was actually the grave of metal legend Ronnie James Dio. Disappointed at first he made the best of it and paid his tributes. Seriously, Dio's grave looks like the patio at an Olive Garden designed by Frank Stallone. You'd expect swords, tigers, flames, shit...even rainbows, but a faux fresco of some uglies sitting on top of a grave literally 10 times bigger than his tiny, elfish corpse? Not so much, but who am I to judge. Ronnie James changed the face of music with one of the most prolific careers in the genre so he can have a grave with whatever he wants. Ozzie's will probably look like a Hot Topic pop-up shop.

That's Italiano!

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  1. Good Job!
    This makes me proud Marwan