Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Weapons Wednesday is back with another gallery of deadly inventions that if put in the wrong hands could spell the end for us all but if put in the right hands could help cure plagues of mankind like improvisational jam bands and Nicolas Cage. So many problems in the world that can only be solved with violence.

The RAZORSLIDEWITHSALT. A truly devious trap from the mind of Tom. How he plans on getting an adult to slide down a razor lined slide is beyond me. Maybe he'd tell them the salt is cocaine. That would probably work.

SNAKEWHIPWITHVENOM. Alison's snake whip delivers a deadly venomous bite with every crack of the whip. This multi-functional weapon answers a question I look up angrily into the sky everyday and scream, "What am I supposed to do with all these snakes!?"
Get the boa constrictor model for added strangulation bonus.

GREEKDAGGER. For when shit pops off at the wine orgy and you gotta handle business Bachus style.

Psychological warfare just got it's own A-Bomb. This one is self-explanatory.


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