Wednesday, June 30, 2010


History has known of many great weapons. Here we transcribe some of the more menacing in hopes that future generations will one day find these manuscripts and re-create these deadly tools. They will be Earth's only chance against the inevitable Alien invasion that will plague our people. Well, either Aliens or China. In any case, shit will go down.

NUNCHUCKS. Not only will they relentlessly beat you about the head and shoulder area they will also make you feel guilty the whole time. I'm guessing Malik went to Catholic school.

POLTERGEISTTV. Weapons Wednesday's first foray into the realm of the supernatural. Anna Belle even wrote the name of the weapon in a strange, unknown, ghostly language. Creepy. She seemed so normal at the time but so did that little girl in the beginning of the movie and you saw what happened there.

SOCCERBALL. Self-explanatory. It bores you to death.

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